Benefits for the Restaurant Owner

  • Digital menu from anywhere

    Your customers can download the menu on their favorite device and view the latest specials or new item additions from anywhere and attracting them back to your restaurant.
  • Restaurant exposure

    Reach out to maximum audience with new customers going through your menu and spreading the word around giving your restaurant more exposure without any expense.
  • Building your brand

    Your restaurant brand will appear more appealing and stronger as majority of the people in today’s digital age use apps for everything.
  • Superior customer service

    Overall customer service of your restaurant will greatly improve with increase in efficiency, speedy orders and no error from waiting staff. With feedback system, you can always improve your service taking into account the direct feedback from your customers.
  • Update menu anytime

    Make changes to menu anytime easily and keep them updated, your waiting staffs do not have to face embarrassment of saying to a customer of a menu item not available anymore.
  • No cost of menu printing

    With always-updated menus of your restaurant, you will save on costs of printing new menus periodically.
  • Promote your specialty items

    Promote all your new items and daily specials, no more of waiting staff explaining daily specials to each customer individually.
  • Increase sales

    Highlighting the items directly to your customers increases the chances of them ordering new combination or items, which they would usually not order.

Benefits for the User

  • Interactive Experience

  • Quick Order Placement

  • View Specials and Offers

  • Item Information

  • Provide Immediate Feedback

  • Easy Navigation

  • Vivid Visual Experience

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