Why Free Menu?

eZee eMenu offers far more than a standard menu of your restaurant; it brings your menu to life with vivid pictures and interactive experience. Your customers will be able to view the up-to-date items of your restaurant and special promotions.

eMenu offers benefits not only to the restaurateurs but also to the guests. So why not try it today when it is completely free and helps you mitigate problems of revenue loss that plagues many of the restaurants today.

The most obvious benefit is the first impression your customers will get when they see the menu of their favorite restaurant right at their fingertips. No matter what device you use, your guests will always get the same unique experience. Even your customers can download the application and view eMenu on their favorite device.

Benefits to Clients

  • Interactive Experience
  • Quick Order Placement
  • View Specials and Offers
  • Item Information
  • Provide Immediate Feedback
  • Easy Navigation
  • Vivid Visual Experience

For the restaurant it is a win-win situation all the way, your customers are happy, your staff will interact with your customers, and it will greatly improve the overall atmosphere of your restaurant. Above all, it is a Free application which comes with great features and improves your restaurant customer service.

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